With love, from Alissa Christine...

Miami is more than a tropical city, it’s a lifestyle that’s lived differently by everyone in it. Finding myself here over a decade ago, everything changed for the better. Miami gives you so much! The obvious and overwhelming natural beauty that seems to infuse everyone with good spirits… the flowing cultures that create dynamic communities… and the very palpable sensuality that makes everything passionately magic, fills me with bliss.

As my appreciation for Miami grew, so did my lust for life, and love for myself. “I love miami 365” is a book in celebration of this adventure. It is my diary of a year’s profound journey and a testament of living in the eternal now. The daily practice was meditative and a reminder to be present at all times… with awareness to witness the spectacular that would show itself at any moment.

Many thought I was crazy to do a years’ work as a labor of love. For me, that’s the purity in the essence of creation. Without outside influence, I visualized the concept, grabbed my camera and dove right in! This was a solitary path with a purpose: to share the energy of this wonderland through a heart that remains enchanted. It is a love song to the place I call home and I am the only one who sings it this way. 

The entire project, from beginning to end, has been an extraordinary experience, going beyond photography. The discipline of getting the shot every day harmonized my artistic journey with my life: life is art…art is life. Every photo is an expression of awe and adoration of the moment… sometimes, composites were created with the images because many days had many inspirations! 

Staying true to vision cultivated my growth through gratitude, acceptance, patience and perseverance. This book is my dream made manifest.

My intention lives in the joy and smiles your eyes reveal when you join me on my journey. This is my gift to you… to Miami… to the world.