i love miami 365® : the book
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•pre-release edition of 100, signed by alissa christine
•full color, glossy, 366 pages, soft cover

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a photo journey. one year. every day. living in the moment...
a photography book created by Miami Beach local artist, Alissa Christine. 

It is her invitation for you to live a year in the life of The Magic City from the inside out. Alissa’s Miami is underground, overground and behind the scenes with local access. 

The book is both an art collection and a personal dialog with the photographer. That conversation is about living in the now, embracing the beauty in everything around you, recognizing the magic in the rhythm of existence, and how love is the thread that holds together the tapestry of life.

This is life through the lens of an artist filled with gratitude for the place she calls home. The process was a meditative exercise utilizing the art of photography as a method to celebrate the essence of joy. 

Photos were shot and selected daily to tell the story of the diverse and interconnected experience of humanity in Miami, documented with the date, temperature, location and comment — as well as something more essential. Her photographs speak to the spirit of the moment, which transcends time. 

Through Alissa’s photographs you can feel the sun, hear the music, savor the flavors, gaze upon paradise, and breathe in the LOVE!

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