alissa christine : about the author

Alissa Christine, a Brazilian-American visionary artist, channels the essence of beauty in everything she does. Florida International Magazine called her a Power Player as one of 100 individuals pushing Florida into the future.

Her gift in the visual arts is a form of conceptual self-expression and spiritual growth. It is her steadfast commitment to her own evolution and the evolution of her art that allows her to transcend the individual disciplines and just create.  For Alissa, photography connects the emotions of her own life with those of the outside world. She has recently self-published a photography book titled "i love miami 365", a daily yearlong journey celebrating life in Miami from the inside out. Some of her other projects focus on healing and meditative visuals with a positive vibe including mixed media paintings and photography in light boxes. 

Alissa’s intention is to share the light so all can see the light and be the light. And she contributes to the pulse of the community through creating, curating and promoting art, wellness, permaculture and music events. Please visit the event calendar for updates.

Alissa is a freelance photo contributor, trusted for her eye, perspective and professionalism. Her photography has been published in Ocean Drive’s Art Basel Magazine, Florida Inside Out, Elle, Haute Living, 944 Magazine, Miami Modern Luxury, Ego Trip, and Latina Magazine among others.

Creation for Alissa Christine is experiential and experimental and the evolution continues...

One of the few photographers who can actually envision something beyond the mere surface, Alissa really is more akin to a seer than a portraitist, and when she sets her sights on someone, truths get laid bare.
— As testified by John Hood in "i love miami 365"